What’s Missing From Your Kitchen

The answer: Mangalitsa!


If you are looking for local pork products that are wholesome and naturally raised, Eh Farms’ Red Mangalitsa pigs are the solution to your meals! These magnificent specialty pigs are renowned for their extremely healthy fat and tender, flavourful meat. Raised on EH Farms, the Mangalitsa pigs are fed a nourishing healthy homegrown diet and live in a natural environment that does not rush growth. What does that mean? Healthy meat and fats that can be used in your daily cooking!

Red Mangalitsa pork is known for its fantastic and mouthwatering taste! The marbled fat-filled meat is juicy and packed with loads of flavour. The fresh lard derived from the Mangalitsa pigs can be stored in your fridge and used as a healthy alternative to butter and for other cooking solutions.

Each of the select meat cuts from EH Farms contains everything you need for a protein packed meal that is high in omega-3/6/9 fatty acids and antioxidants, essential for a well-balanced diet. Shoulder roasts, tenderloin, pork chops, and ribs are our key meat features for home cooked dinners or in restaurants! Our smoked ham, stew meat, ground pork, and bacon are ideal for any breakfast, lunch, or dinner that your family or customers will love!

Take a look at our heritage breed Mangalitsa select local meat cuts and lards offered from EH Farms:

  • Shoulder Roasts

  • Loin Roasts

  • Tenderloin

  • Pork Chops

  • Ribs

  • Rib Roast

  • Leg, whole, Bn In, Sk on

  • Ham Smoked

  • Jowls (fresh)

  • Hocks (Fresh)

  • Hocks (Smoked)

  • Belly (Fresh, Skin on)

  • Bacon

  • Ground Pork

  • Stew meat

  • Leaf Lard

  • Lard (fresh)

  • Lard (rendered)

  • Feet

  • Head

  • Offals

  • Tepertyu