Easton’s Chickens

Pigs aren’t the only thing we have on the farm – we are also the proud owners of chickens! But when discussing the chickens, we cannot do that without also mentioning our son Easton. He is the farm’s official ‘Chicken Whisperer!’

Similar to myself, Easton immediately had a soft spot for the animals and it became his responsibility to care for and feed the farm’s chickens. Along with the care of the animals, he was given the opportunity to do what he liked with the eggs that he collected – he decided that it would be fun to sell local farm fresh eggs at his school and to the friends and family who live nearby. And so, ‘Easton’s Hens’ was born!

Here is what he has to say about his chicken business and what it’s like to live on a farm:

“I love living out on the farm. When my parents told me and my brother that we were moving to a farm, I was really excited. I was even more excited when we got the chickens! We only had 5 hens and 1 rooster at the beginning, but now we have loads of hens and roosters!


I love eggs. I started to crack my own eggs to eat when I was 2 years old! I like to make myself breakfast – my favourite is bacon and cheese omelets which I make for myself in the mornings. Besides eating our farm’s fresh eggs, I also sell my eggs to some of the teachers at school and to some of my friends. I would love to sell more! The eggs we get are light brown and dark chocolate brown eggs, and sometimes white eggs and light blueish egg – even green! We all get extra excited when we get a’ double yolker’!

– Easton, aged 6

I like having chickens because it is fun collecting the eggs and I selling them for money to go on trips and to hockey games! But I also have to make sure I take care of them. I am supposed to feed and water my chickens every morning, but that doesn’t always happen because I like to sleep in! So instead, when I get home from school I feed and water them. The best part is when I come home I get to hear the roosters crow. It’s like they are saying hello to me!