“Mangalitsa pork? What do you do with that?”

Red Mangalitsa pork may sound fancy and exotic, but once you try this local pork, you will see that it is just as easy to cook with, and even tastier to eat! If you are struggling with a bad case of the ‘Mondays’ and can’t figure out what to make for dinner, here is everything you need to get inspired!

Learn how to prepare a fantastic meal with these healthy Mangalitsa recipes that will excite your taste buds, fill up the family, and bring your guests coming back for more!

Mangalitsa Stew

2 kg of Mangalitsa2 yellow onions3 large paprika peppers, fresh2 tsp. red pepper powderLard: 10% of meat1 tsp of rosemarySalt & pepper to taste In a large pot or Dutch oven, start by melting lard, add sliced yellow onions, followed by the Mangalitsa meat. Add sliced peppers, rosemary, salt and pepper. Add water and cook…

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