What Are Mangalitsa Pigs?

What are Mangalitsa pigs? What makes these pigs so special? I’m glad you asked! Take a look at what makes our Red Mangalitsa’s so unique!


Why Mangalitsa Pigs Are Best!

Manga’s are known for their free-range, foraging, and natural diet – one of the reasons why the pork and lard produced from these pigs is so healthy to add to our own diets! These local pigs forage around our Alberta farm, eating a natural diet filled with vegetables, fruits, and grains, in addition to the nutrients they find on the ground. Because the pigs spend most of their time in the pasture snacking, they get nice and plump, a key part in what makes their meat so tasty!

The other pig breeds produced and sold to traditional grocery stores and markets are often grown quickly and contain very little fat, resulting in a less juicy cut. Not our Manga’s! Our hairy pigs are known for their mouthwatering flavour and unbelievable taste!

The Secret to Delicious Pork?

Aside from their long healthy and happy lives, the secret to the amazing taste of Mangalitsa meat is their pure white fat! But not the bad type of fat you think of when you hear the word ‘bacon’, the good kind – monosaturated fat!

Monosaturated fats are a healthy fat that is necessary to have in our diets. Mangalitsa pork contains a pure and beneficial fat that is rich in:

  • Omega 3
  • Omega 6
  • Omega 9
  • Vitamin D
  • Antioxidants

Some studies have even found that diets including Mangalitsa pork fats may reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, and other health problems. These pigs contain everything you need to ensure that you are eating right!

Mangalitsa Pig Products

At EH Farms, we firmly believe in keeping the traditional ways of farming and respect our animals. Our pigs are bred to grow fat and wholesome over longer periods of time. The pigs live their best life until they are fully mature (about 24 months) and ready for production. The resulting meat is marbled with healthy fats that make for some flavour-filled meals! Aside from the meat, various lards are also produced from the different parts of the pig.

‘Leaf Lard’

  • This is the lard collected that protects the organs of the pig and it is perfect for making pastries!

Belly Fat

  • Because this fat is collected from the belly of the pig, (it is also the ‘bacon’ location) the fat is kept intact resulting in amazing taste. This fat is also great for cooking!

Back Fat

  • The ‘healthy lard’ of pigs that are an essential in every kitchen for cooking!

Adding any of these lards or fats to your kitchen will make for some very tasty meals. But don’t forget about the meat! The thickly marbled and deep red meat allows for some of the most fantastic breakfasts, lunches, and dinners! Each of the products sold from our pigs are of the highest quality and are the perfect solution for cooking, baking, and healthy living!

For more information on Mangalitsa Pigs, visit the Royal Mangalitsa website.