Zsa Zsa

Born July 28th 2015 in Windsor, California

Zsa Zsa was the first gilt that arrived at our farm; she was already pregnant and had her first litter January 7th 2017. After 4 amazing years of providing us with piglets, Zsa Zsa went into retirement from the breeding program. She is now living on the farm as our right hand mothering sow, looking after the weaned piglets (2 months old), much to her annoyance!

Favourite Food: Fruit Salad
Likes: Armpit rubs and long walks
Dislikes: Broccoli, the vet saying she needs to go on a diet!


Born July 17th 2015 in Windsor, California

Hampton was the first boar to arrive on the farm on November 18th 2016 at the age of 16 months. He is still very active in our breeding program; can you blame us? Look at how handsome he is with that wooly coat! He is an extremely picky eater; he will eat corn but not on the cob! He is friends with all the animals on the farm and is often visited by the cats, chickens and dogs – some of which even share his bed!

Favourite Food: Watermelon
Likes: Mud baths and scratches behind the ears
Dislikes: Broccoli, Cauliflower, being woken up from his naps and having his girls taken away!


Born January 6th 2017 on Eh Farms

Rosco was the first born Red Mangalitsa boar to be born in Canada! Although he looks like a big bruiser he is a gentle giant; not the prettiest to look at but his piglets sure are! Which is why he is one of our main boars in the breeding program! He knows his name and will come when called, usually because he thinks he’s getting food.

Favourite Food: Pineapple
Likes: Mud baths and back scratches
Dislikes: Being teased with girls next door!


Born January 20th 2017 at Country Accent, CA

Sister of G2, Newbee has been a big part of the breeding program for many years. Newbee loves to run and can often be seen doing just that, no matter the weather. She is very affectionate and has the biggest nose on the farm! She is very protective of her piglets and she is the Sow with the record for number of piglets in one litter – 13!

Favourite Food: Marshmallows and all fruit!
Likes: Being a mom and cheek rubs
Dislikes: Nothing!


Born January 20th 2017 at Country Accent, CA

G2 is like a big teddy bear, he’s gentle, kind and loves attention. He’s our Austrian Manga Boar and is very socially awkward. He doesn’t get along with the other boars so he spends his time in solitude, which he just loves! The girls come to him, he doesn’t even have to move. Peace and quiet from the other pigs, door-to-door delivery service of girls – what a life! The only problem is when the snow melts: his pen gets a bit flooded!

Favourite Food: Cinnamon buns and dandelions
Likes: Being on his own, eye rubs
Dislikes: Spring floods


Born July 6th 2018 on Eh Farms

Zeena is our very own princess warrior. She is very affectionate and friendly… until she has piglets – for 2 weeks after you cannot go near her as she is very protective. She likes to antagonise the other pigs. She’s a little mischief maker but we can’t help but love her!

Favourite Food: Boiled eggs
Likes: Having a nice long walk on her own, being a mom
Dislikes: Piglets in distress, woken up from one of her many naps


Born May 24th 2018 on Eh Farms

Nola is one of the lightest coloured Red Mangalitsas we have here on the farm. She is the daughter of Newbee and is one of the most vocal on the farm! She loves a gossip with the other pigs! One of the biggest sows in the breeding program which makes for some very big piglets! She loves to dig and when she’s farrowing, we’re never sure if she is in her bed, or if she’s dug to China!

Favourite Food: Red apples… NOT green
Likes: Relaxing in a mud hole
Dislikes: Anyone getting close to her piglets


Born July 28th 2018 on Eh Farms

Fey is the quietest sow in the breeding program and loves to be on her own. She’s very shy and isn’t part of the ‘gang’ – she likes to keep to herself. She is G2s soul mate, and they will both often be found cuddling in the “Love shack” (AKA their bed)

Favourite Food: Regular old feed ration
Likes: G2 and solitude
Dislikes: Change


Born November 28th, 2018 on Eh Farms

Petra is one of the wonders of the farm. She’s very friendly and likes to stay clear of confrontation as much as she can. She’s a lover not a fighter, and she loves affection and attention and she has some of the fluffiest, darkest ears on the farm so attention isn’t hard to come by!

Favourite Food: Pretty much anything!
Likes: Full body massages
Dislikes: When you stop with the full body massages!


Born May 10th 2019 on Eh Farms

Elsa is the youngest sow in the breeding program but likes to show the other sows how it’s done! She has a mind of her own and is a lot more independent than any of the other sows. While she doesn’t necessarily seek affection, she’s not going to say no to it! Here on the farm, we are still trying to work each other out!

Favourite Food: Pumpkins and Strawberries
Likes: Cuddles
Dislikes: Peppers

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