What’s New on the Pig Farm?

You might be wondering, what is it like to live on a Mangalitsa pig farm?

The answer – fun and adorable adventures, daily!

There is always a bustle of activity on EH Farms, and whether we are welcoming a new litter of piglets to the world chasing around fluffy newborn chicks, or giving belly scratches to the Manga’s, we always have plenty to do.

Want to know what’s new on Strathmore’s local pig farm? Find out what our family of Alberta farmers are currently up to, the latest events and suppliers we are working with, and how the Mangalitsa pigs and heritage hens are doing!

April 2019

Participated in Cochon555 in Banff Worked with Chef Christian Gosselin Location: Banff Springs Hotel

March 2019

Proud owners of 24 hens and 5 roosters!

January 2019

Zsa Zsa’s fifth litter (6 piglets)

November 2018

NewBee’s second litter (9 piglets)

July 2018

Zsa Zsa’s fourth litter (11 piglets) Finley’s first litter (5 piglets)

May 2018

NewBee’s first litter (7 piglets) Building of second chicken coop New baby chicks! Garden shed converted transformed into a chicken coop to be used for raising the baby chicks

January 2018

Zsa Zsa’s third litter (10 piglets)

July 2017

Zsa Zsa’s second litter (8 piglets)

May 2017

Our first chicken coop with 5 hens! Got our first rooster!

January 2017

Business Opens! Zsa Zsa’s first litter (6 piglets) Moved into newly built farm house

November 2016

Our first pigs arrive (Zsa Zsa and Hampton) Zsa Zsa is pregnant!